Japanese Electrophoresis Society

Hirai Prize

   The Hirai Prize is awarded to scientists from around the world who have made significant contributions to the advancement of electrophoresis technology. This Prize was established in 1984 by the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Meeting of International Council of Electrophoresis Societies (Electrophoresis 83) that was held in Tokyo under the chair of Hidematsu Hirai, the 2nd President of the Japanese Electrophoresis Society. Hidematsu Hirai has given an endowment to this Prize. The Hirai Prize laureate receives a certificate of merit and a prize medal. The laureate is invited to the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Electrophoresis Society to give an award lecture on the achievements.
   The Hirai Prize has been awarded to Dr. Joachim Kohn in 1986, Dr. Olof Vesterberg in 1987, Dr. Clement L. Markert in 1989, Dr. Thorkild C. Bøg-Hansen in 1989, Dr. Kurt Hannig in 1992, Dr. Stellan Hjertén in 1993, Dr. Pier G. Righetti in 1999, Dr. Julio E. Celis in 1999, Dr. Takao Sekiya in 2001, Dr. M. Fountoulakis in 2007 and Dr. Patrick H. O'Farrell in 2014.

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